We stand for integrity



Welcome to our BETA site! We really appreciate you visiting us. We are a team of plant medicine enthusiasts with a special place in our hearts for all things CBD! 

With so many CBD product options to choose from and many more entering the market, we know that choosing the right CBD and hemp-derived products can be a daunting task. With so many options, so many grandiose claims, and no regulatory oversight, it’s a challenge to figure out who’s legit.  

We feel your pain! Out of every 10 CBD products tested for wellness, beauty, and our furbabies, only about 2 were helpful. This is NOT ok! 

So we set out to assist CBD lovers and the cannabidiol curious people like ourselves find safe and effective products without breaking the bank and just like that, Plant Remedy was born!

You can always count on Plant Remedy to deliver you only the best. But don’t take our word for it; transparency is our middle name so we’ll share testing results with you directly and as we grow, we will even help you understand the vague scientific language in these test results. I mean, come on! Who knows how to read these tests and make sense of them?! Ok, maybe some of you do but we are not scientists, just some people who really love plant medicines!

Our site is currently in beta testing mode. For now, we are slowly curating some of the most effective, clean, and trusted brands for you to choose from. Behind the scenes, we are launching our certification program to add an extra layer of transparency and trust to our site by testing and certifying every product ourselves. In a few short months, you will be able to purchase hemp products backed by our vigorous certification guarantee. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned for our updates and exclusive launch discount offers!

May the power of plants be with you!

– Team Plant Remedy