Our founder’s story

Hi! I am Anahita!

I am the founder of Plant Remedy. My journey with CBD began back in 2015 during a complex chronic pain health crisis that lasted many years. At the time, I had constant and intense chronic pain in nearly every joint in my body that often made even the most simple things like sitting or holding a cup in my hand excruciatingly painful at times. My desperate efforts to find a diagnosis had arrived in dead ends and nearly every doctor was recommending opioid pain killers and antidepressants to control the pain. I didn’t feel comfortable taking such strong medications when I didn’t have a diagnosis so I turned to plants. 

A dear friend and cannabis patient advocate recommended cannabis and CBD tinctures to control the pain. In the course of the year that followed, I developed a protocol that combined high-doses of CBD and cannabis oils with mindfulness practices and somatic trauma therapy techniques to heal my body; for the first time in years I was able to find some relief and hope for recovery. Shortly after, I left my career in technology to focus on my recovery journey. 

I found the root of the pain in chronic stress, anxiety and unresolved trauma. In the year that followed, I dived into studying anxiety, trauma, and various intervention models for recovery and managed to heal my body out of what seemed like permanent disability a few short months prior. This was nothing short of a miracle and a truly empowering experience!

I became fascinated with the power of our minds to dictate our physical well-being and dived deep into the study of CBD and the mind-body connection. I have since received certifications in Somatic Trauma Therapy and Chronic Pain Coaching and developed a deep understanding of how CBD and Plant Medicines soothe and heal the nervous system. As I shared my knowledge and story with clients and friends, it became clear that sourcing safe, trusted, and quality CBD and Plant Medicines was a challenge for many. In my quest to identify, curate, and elevate quality and ethical brands, Plant Remedy and Botanical Research Council were born!

It is my mission to empower others to become their own health advocates, educate everyone about the healing power of plants, and provide access to trusted, safe, and quality CBD and Plant Medicine products that support our individual health, communal equity, and environmental balance. 

Thank you for visiting Plant Remedy! It is a pleasure to serve you. 


With gratitude,

– Anahita Parseghian


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