CBD: What to Buy & What to Skip During a Pandemic.

Since the arrival of the COVID pandemic in the U.S. at the beginning of March, a large majority of Americans have found themselves under strict lockdown and social isolation. Whether we find ourselves glued to the news, binge-watching Tiger King, breaking out that fancy bottle of wine we were saving for better times or channeling our frustrations on social media, there is no denying that we are all grappling with how to respond to the surreal shift in our world.

Now is the time to pause and reflect on how our lives have changed and will continue to change in the coming months. It is an opportunity to take a tally of what serves our health, well-being, and relationships as well as what does not. 

This paradigm shift dictates new strategies for wellness both physically and energetically. Whether you are letting go of addictions, toxic relationships, or self-doubt, more than ever, it is time to work on the daily rituals that support optimal health, compassion, or self-care. Knowing how to effectively spend your money and where to rein in your budget is critical. We are all grappling with the unique demands of our new reality, our well-being, and our wallets. 

The shifts in thinking are clear. According to a recent IRI conference call on how the Covid19 is changing consumer behaviors, we are all looking for comfort and value. It makes sense that in times of uncertainty, we seek what is familiar and what works best for our money.

The same applies when purchasing CBD products. Here is a simple way to approach your plant medicine purchases: 

Safety First!

One important factor to always consider when purchasing CBD products is to verify the safety and legitimacy of the products before purchase. With the rise in the popularity of CBD, unfortunately, there are many opportunistic and unethical players in the marketplace promoting snake oil products, some even claiming that CBD cures COVID, this is 100% false and an automatic red flag to avoid the brand altogether. 

In the absence of a regulated marketplace, organizations like Leafly and Consumer Reports periodically test CBD products and release their findings which continue to highlight the wide discrepancies in reported and delivered dosages. Alternatively, we encourage you to avoid purchasing products that do not publicize 3rd party lab test results. 

At Plant Remedy, we value integrity and transparency, every product we carry has been independently vetted and tested for safety and accuracy while we work diligently behind-the-scenes to introduce a comprehensive infrastructure in the coming months to help identify and highlight ethical players in the industry. 

What to buy and what to skip

Once you’ve established trust in the brand: 

  • Prioritize products that 
    • directly and indirectly, support immunity
    • promote emotional and mental well-being
    • relieve pain
  • Skip products that
    • have high sugar content
    • are delivered through vaping or smoking
    • are novelty products  

Let’s break these down into clear terms…

What CBD products to buy during a pandemic: 

Support Immunity

With the rise in the popularity of hemp-derived products, many brands are choosing to incorporate other healing plants and supplements in their CBD-based formulations. We recommend reading labels carefully and seek synergistic formulations that contain strong immune boosters like ashwagandha, elderberry extract, high doses of vitamin C, and astaxanthin to name a few. For example, OneCBD’s Immune support drops are an efficient way of getting both your CBD dose and immunity dose each day. 

Many different factors affect immunity. Studies have proven the strong adverse effects of anxiety, stress, and inadequate sleep on immune system functions. 

This time can be extremely stressful for most people; the uncertainties of the future, the absence of our normal routines, and limited social interactions are all recipes for heightened states of anxiety and stress. These cause insomnia and sleeping problems which work hand in hand to suppress immune functions. Effective anxiety and stress reduction strategies are critical during a pandemic. Luckily, when it comes to mood support, CBD can help! 

Whether you opt-in to use a high dosage hemp oil, sleep aid, or an adaptogenic calming formula, selecting a product that supports a state of calm and balance is a smart investment to improve your physical, mental and emotional wellness. 

Promote Emotional and Mental Well-being

Not everyone impacted by the pandemic will show symptoms but everyone will feel the emotional and mental weight of the incident. Pandemics cause significant disruption to our routines and our ability to enjoy life, all of which impact our overall state of emotional and mental well-being. The inability to address most of these conditions can make one feel hopeless, however, crafting effective coping strategies can help one feel empowered and balanced. There is no more critical time to practice self-care than during a pandemic. 

Your self-care can take several forms from soaking with a CBD-infused bath bomb with flower petals to using an on-the-go CBD roll-on with essential oils or indulging in a CBD-infused vegan brownie treat. These wellness rituals are a highly effective way of ensuring a daily dose of self-care to support your mental and emotional well-being.

Relieve pain

There is no greater essential than pain management. Whether you are experiencing chronic pain, menstrual discomfort, or muscle aches, accessing effective relief is a necessity. Furthermore, stressful conditions tend to intensify these symptoms, making effective pain management an urgent necessity. Environmental stress and physical pain each feed one another creating a vicious cycle.  

We are all different so seek what works for you. Many of my friends utilize a powerful CBD + Curcumin formula for pain and inflammation. I personally treat menstrual discomfort with a potent herbal CBD tincture for period pain and a topical CBD for menstrual cramps. You can also consider exploring a soothing CBD salve with lavender for pain. Having a combination of CBD products formulated for pain relief is an absolute must-have during a pandemic. In all cases, do your research, and if you have any other extenuating conditions or are using medications, consult with your doctor.

What CBD products to skip during a pandemic: 

High Sugar Content

CBD products come in many shapes and forms; some more medicinal and some formulated as tasty treats to encourage daily use. It is a good idea to limit the consumption of these tasty options except on rare occasions. Sugar impacts the body’s ability to fight off infections and effectively compromises immune functions. It is, therefore, imperative to drastically reduce the intake of sugar in all forms and completely eliminate the intake of processed sugars.

If you are craving a tasty CBD treat, we suggest going for products sweetened with natural low glycemic sugar sources like these Vegan CBD Brownies sweetened with dates.  

Vaping Products

One of the first questions we asked ourselves when the COVID-19 pandemic hit: Is vaping safe? We asked experts, read expert opinion pieces, looked at some preliminary research, and came to the conclusion that although there is verifiable evidence that smoking increases the risk of COVID-19 complications, there is not enough research and evidence to make a definitive call on the risks associated with vaping. 

At a time when lung health can mean the difference between life and death, we decided to side with caution and remove all vaping products from our store; better safe than sorry! 

Instead of using vape products, we recommend opting in for high potency fast-absorbing tinctures that deliver more immediate results than edibles, topicals, and gel caps. 

Novelty Products

As CBD-lovers, we are all about infusing the hemp extract goodness in everything from medicines, edibles, and topicals, to beauty products, intimacy products, and more. During the time of the pandemic, however, as most of us aim to spend our dollars wisely and effectively, we recommend investing in wellness over beauty, and essentials over novelties. Instead of investing in CBD-infused drinks, makeup, and lubricants, we recommend investing in CBD tinctures, CBD topicals, and our juicy Relax + Refresh CBD bath bombs.


Pandemics inevitably shift our purchasing habits and priorities. Smart investments in the right plant medicine products that support immunity, wellness, and balance can drastically improve our physical and mental well-being and help us develop wellness rituals to enhance our resiliency in the face of our unique pandemic challenges. 

Staying home can be a wonderful opportunity to develop new CBD-infused rituals and double-down on wellness, self-care, and balance.