CBD for Anxiety: Can It Help Calm Your Dog?

cbd for dogs
cbd for dogs

Just like people, dogs can suffer from anxiety as well. If your pooch hides under the bed when a thunderstorm arrives, cowers when meeting new people, or is just a handful when getting to the car, then you might want to consider CBD for dogs.

CBD for pets is becoming a popular treatment for those who have dogs and cats that suffer from anxiety issues. CBD for anxiety has been used by people since it became legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill in most states. today, more attention is being paid to pets that have anxiety symptoms with CBD being used to treat them.

What is CBD?


Cannabidiol (CBD) is found in cannabis and hemp plants. It is a natural substance that has been in use for many thousands of years. However, it was illegal to use and distribute in most of the US until the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018. That bill removed industrial hemp from the list of banned substances which in turn helped create the CBD industry.

CBD is the extract that mostly comes from hemp as it contains only traces of THC, the psychotropic element in marijuana that causes people to feel a “high” sensation. Because CBD contains very little to no amounts of THC, the effect may not be what is expected by those who believe that it does contain THC like marijuana.

Instead, the CBD works with the body’s own endocannabinoid system which causes sensations of being calm and relaxed. This is because the brain and body have receptors for cannabinoid which is produced in small amounts. Adding more CBD from outside sources such as hemp provides a boost to the body’s ability to create feelings of calm.

cbd for pets

The most common effect of CBD that has been noted is its ability to reduce the symptoms of anxiety in both people and pets.

But is CBD right for your dog? That depends on three things.

  • What is causing the anxiety?
  • Are you using a safe, recommended brand of CBD?
  • Is the CBD the highest quality available?

Of course, it should be able to calm your pooch. But before you run out to purchase CBD for dogs, you will need to know the source of the anxiety.

Causes of Anxiety

cbd for dogs

The two main causes for dogs are separation from their owners and situational issues such as loud noises, meeting strangers, and traveling. Both types of anxiety have similar symptoms that should be easily noticed.

  • Excessing Panting
  • Pacing
  • Trembling & Whimpering
  • Aggressive Behavior
  • Nervous Ticks or Licking of Lips
  • Urinating in Areas where they have not been Housetrained

You may also see a lack of appetite as well. Some of the symptoms of anxiety are similar to those you might see in people. This is why CBD for dogs may help.

Additional Benefits

cbd for pets

Although CBD for anxiety is an option for your dog, there are other symptoms that cannabidiol will treat that may make your pooch more comfortable. This is because the addition of CBD also reduces inflammation and helps the body control cellular degeneration which may have a positive effect on the following.

  • Arthritis and other Bone and Joint Issues
  • Neuropathic, Neurological, and Blood Disorders
  • Cancer and Cancerous Tumors

Because CBD lowers inflammation, it is well suited to help fight the pain caused by arthritis along with the swelling that affects bones and joints. Plus, its calming effect can help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with neuropathic and neurological disorders. The relief from pain may also help dogs that have blood disorders as well.

While CBD is no cure for cancer, it does contain elements that fight the free radicals in the body which cause certain forms of cancer. While CBD does not prevent cancer, it may lower the risk of some dogs contracting cancer depending on the type. But that is not all it does.

  • Provide additional Pain Relief
  • Helps Control the Effects of Diabetes
  • Reduces Intensity of Seizures
  • Regulates and Evens Out Moods

The end result is that you have a calmer, less anxious pet around the house. You will start to see the effects in less than an hour. Regular treatment means that your dog becomes less anxious, suffers from few symptoms of pain, and other conditions. But as with any treatment, you need to find the right source.

Finding the Best CBD


CBD for dogs comes in different forms from treats to extracts to tinctures to topical creams and more. But not all CBD products are the same in terms of use or quality. To find the best CBD for pets, you will need to do a little research. The result is getting a product that has the following qualities.

  • Tested by Independent Lab
  • All Natural
  • Low THC
  • Non-Toxic Processing

The testing is the most important part as this provides a third-party that can verify the ingredients of the CBD product itself. It’s also a sign of high quality that the brand you choose uses all-natural ingredients which means that it is free of fillers or other unwanted elements. Such sources use pharmaceutical grade ethanol that removes unwanted toxins.

The low THC count is important as well since it may cause unwanted side effects in your pet. While there are no official regulations that govern the processing of CBD, you want to avoid manufacturers that use toxic solvents such as petroleum-based products for extracting the cannabidiol. Stick with approved products that do the job but leave behind no trace elements.

If you are looking to calm your pooch or treat the symptoms of muscle and joint pain, then CBD for dogs may be the answer. It is not a wonder drug, nor does it offer strong effects, but CBD for pets may provide the relief needed for certain conditions. Check with your vet to see if CBD for anxiety works and also discuss options if your dog suffers from pain, blood disorders, and even cancer.