Best CBD Products To Help You Chill During An Election Year

These days it seems like everywhere I go I hear at least one emotional conversation about the upcoming U.S. election. Everything from my social media feed to my coffee seems politicized! Regardless of whether you’re a Rachel Maddow gal or a Tucker Carlson guy, with so many candidates, issues, and opinions, being engaged and aware feels like a part-time job and not even a fun one! Is it me or are we all aging faster during election years?! Yikes! The struggle is real! Being an informed citizen takes a whole lot of energy and can be an overwhelming and stressful task not to mention the deep wrinkles forming on my forehead.  

Somewhere between the democratic primary, impeachment hearings, the prospect of war with Iran, and the Lev Parnas circus, I felt the stress levels of everyone around me rise, everyone seems more on edge and anxious, and communications seem to break down easier these days. Anxiety is at an all-time high and it seems to me that America is in need of a major intervention. Whatever your political affiliation, I think we can all agree that we’ll do better as a nation if everyone took a deep breath and reclaimed their cool; a calmer and more balanced America is better for everyone. Let’s Make America Chill Again!! #MACA

As a self-professed anxiously wired human, CBD has been my best friend for many years now. In fact, I initially discovered CBD when I was looking for a solution to my crippling anxiety and stress. Since then, my curious quest has transformed into an epic love affair with all things cannabidiol! From my daily CBD-infused matcha to the weekly CBD bath bombs ritual, I see CBD as the solution to many of life’s less than pleasant realities so it should come as no surprise that I think CBD is the best chance we have to Make America Chill Again! 

Here are my top 6 recommendations for best CBD products for anxiety based on your political preference:

Papa Bernie

Feeling the Bern? Whether you are a long time Bernie supporter or a new Berner, being a part of “The Revolution” comes with a whole lot of stress and anxiety. For all you Bernie Sanders supporters out there, Luna Volta’s NOVA CBD is the way to go! Between their female-founded eco-friendly business model, to the high potency of their oils, and the 100% biodegradable packaging, Luna Volta checks the value boxes of the average Berner while providing enough chill vibes to last at least through a whole afternoon of political debate. 

Uncle Joe

Have you been feeling nostalgic for simpler times when things were predictable and made some sense? Do you ever look right and left in absolute horror wondering where we lost balance? If so, then you are likely a Joe Biden supporter! There is great comfort in the tested and familiar which is why the Bluebird Botanicals Classic Hemp 6x is likely the best fit for you. Bluebird Botanicals is one of the most trusted and established brands in CBD and the extra potency in this formula will have you accomplishing inner balance even if the external world is busy entertaining the pendulum swing. 

Professor Warren

Are you mad as hell about financial corruption? Do you think it’s about time that a woman took charge of the oval office? If so, chances are that you are an Elizabeth Warren supporter! Dreaming big, fighting hard, and winning is no small task; it takes guts, it takes grit, and it takes a whole lot of energy which is why Reed’s Remedies’ Focus Spray is likely the best blend for you. The Focus spray is packed with high cannabidiol content (did someone say Wall Street bailout?!!) and terpenes that enhance focus, and it is, of course, a female-owned company. With a blend this powerful, you won’t have to choose between fighting hard and chilling hard. 

The Donald

Have you been pissed off at the mainstream media? Are you a fan of the border wall? Do you own a #MAGA hat? Then you are likely a Donald Trump supporter. It takes a whole lot of energy and commitment to stand up to what seems like a never-ending onslaught from every direction these days. I think that we can all agree that we’ll likely be more united as a nation if we weren’t so wrapped up in our emotions and were committed to #MACA!! Being a Trump supporter requires a special kind of resiliency that lasts all day long which is why the Made by Hemp: CBD Patch is likely the best fit for you; discreet, potent, long-lasting, and made in the USA!  

Mayor Pete

Do you love stories of triumph against the odds? Do you believe that we need young people in charge to tackle the unique challenges of our times? Then you might be a Pete Buttigieg supporter! Entering the presidential race as an openly gay man and one of the youngest people to have ever run for the highest office requires some serious courage, confidence, and character. Mayor Pete’s agenda might not be revolutionary but his campaign’s success surely is which is why Shanti Wellness’s Calm CBD Softgels are our pick for all Mayor Pete fans! Shanti Wellness is a new and rising star in the CBD world; it combines ancient herbalism with modern CBD extraction technology to deliver a unique blend of high potency products. 

The Other Rich Guy From New York

Do you think that a great businessman will make a great president? Do you admire philanthropists? Then you are likely a Mike Bloomberg supporter. It takes a whole lot of confidence, superb execution, and lots of $$$$ (did someone say unlimited funding?!) to enter a busy presidential race after many have already dropped out. If you are a fan of innovation, quality, and giving back, you will love OneCBD’s Nanoemulsion Softgels formulated by healthcare professionals. The high potency dosage paired with their give-back model (1% of every single sale is donated to charity) will have you feeling good inside and out! 


Election season stress, anxiety, and overall drama seem inevitable these days but with so many amazing CBD products to choose from, suffering is purely optional! So the next time you find yourself all worked up because of a news report, a social media post, or your uncle’s frustrating perspective on a topic, instead of reaching for that bourbon or tequila (alcohol is sooooo Reagan era!), pause and reach for your favorite CBD product instead. You’ll thank us and America will thank you! Join our movement and let’s Make America Chill Again!! #MACA

Disclaimer: Using the CBD product recommended for another candidate’s supporters might cause feelings of compassion, unity, and belonging but does not guarantee a change in political affiliation. 

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