5 CBD-Infused Wellness Rituals To Weather The Pandemic

5 CBD-Infused Wellness Rituals To Weather The Pandemic

Oh! Hey! Hi there! How is your pandemic lockdown going? It’s been a real doozy, hasn’t it? Whether you are in solo lockdown, cozied up with your honey, or trying to maintain some sense of sanity with a house full of kids, chances are, we all need to take a big breath and sigh it out pretty much every hour of the day! Thank goodness for our breath, eh? 

As appealing as the idea of having some cozy nesting time might have been in early March, I think we can all agree that we’ve had our ups and downs with the new reality of living in a global pandemic, some of us more impacted than others but all of us have felt the inner resistances, fears, worries, and frustrations, and experienced feelings of loneliness, anxiety, and overwhelm from time to time. To make things even more complicated, all these stressors and negative emotions further compromise our immune systems making us more susceptible to disease. Eek! Talk about a double whammy! 

What do you do when your normal routine and lifestyle have been disrupted and you can no longer rely on the practices, social connections, and activities that helped you remain balanced? Well, here at Plant Remedy, we believe that you take charge of your well-being, roll up your sleeves, develop new routines and rituals, and double-down on self-care. 

We, humans, are creatures of habit and often design our lifestyles within a container of set routines, practices, and rituals even if we do not realize it at first. After a while, the routines and rituals of our lives become the building blocks of our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. When our routines are disrupted by forces outside of our control, the impact is great and far-reaching often effecting our mood and mindset and even our sleep, digestive functions, and immunity. 

But there is hope! Neuroscience has shown that it takes 21 consecutive days of practice to develop a new habit! Viola! What better time to develop new positive habits and rituals to support our well-being than during a pandemic lockdown?! I saw this as too precious of an opportunity to pass on so I challenged myself to develop new pandemic-friendly wellness rituals infused with some of our most favorite must-have CBD products during a pandemic! 

Morning Rituals Set The Tone

How we start the day often sets the tone for our day. I start my day with a glass of warm water with lemon, I then apply an Ayurvedic CBD Roll-On infused with essential oils for an optimal state of calm and balance before a morning yoga practice. The calming effects of the CBD paired with the pleasant aroma of essential oils are the perfect little magical ritual that instantly uplifts my spirit and launches me into a day with the reminder that incorporating simple and small self-care regimens doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive.

Self-Care Can’t Feel Like A Chore!

If you are anything like me, within two weeks of the pandemic, your kitchen counter might have looked like a witchy alchemist’s secret lab overrun with immune-boosting supplements, tinctures, and herbs. With so many options to choose from and so much hysteria around immune-boosting, it was overwhelming to keep track of all the different options, dosages, and intake suggestions. Our self-care regimens should not feel like chores! 

I found that taking a tally of the absolute essentials, looking for formulations that deliver multiple benefits like this immune-support CBD tincture with astaxanthin which is a powerful algae-driven antioxidant nearly 6000 times stronger than vitamin C, and opting in for a combination of tablets, tinctures, and powders provided a great way to reduce the volume and the emotional overwhelm of swallowing 30-40 pills a day! What a relief! Now it was time to develop a ritualistic container to not only make this a more pleasant and routine practice but also help connect me to the “why”. 

Before long, I had a daily wellness prayer written and posted at the kitchen counter that I have recited every morning connecting with the healing plant sources and my own body’s innate healing capabilities. Taking supplements now feels more like a prayer, a self-care regimen, and a bio-hacking practice of sorts. I encourage everyone to develop and adopt this beautiful ritual now and beyond the pandemic. 

Reclaim & Boost Your Focus

Trying to stay informed while juggling work and pandemic anxieties and preparedness are no small tasks; before I knew it, I found myself mentally exhausted and unable to focus on the pile of work before me. As a performance hacking enthusiast, I knew I had to make some important changes so I set strong boundaries around news consumption to limit distractions and decided to take my business partner’s advice and incorporate a CBD-infused matcha latte into my daily morning routine. I combine a small teaspoon of premium quality matcha powder with a high potency CBD tincture, plus oat milk, and holy moly! The results are almost surreal. Hello, brain fuel! Not only does matcha help with brain focus, but it is also a very potent antioxidant that supports optimal immune functions! Double-win on this one! Try it! You’ll be glad you did. 

Mid-Day Wellness Reset

During the time of a pandemic, a whole of a lot can happen between the morning and the mid-day to throw us off balance which is why even as a confessed sprinter, I’ve had to develop and incorporate mid-day wellness reset rituals to keep my nervous system in check and give my mind and body the opportunity to recalibrate. Whether I end up solo dancing in my living room or meditating for 15 minutes in the yard, incorporating plant medicines into my midday reset is a real gamechanger. On the days that I feel stressed or anxious, I opt-in for  Ayurvedic adaptogens and meditation while on days that I feel more balanced, I go for a tasty vegan CBD brownie treat and a 10-minute solo dance ritual. This mid-day check-in is the most effective way I have found to shift the energy of the day and give myself a second chance at assessing my state of well-being and correcting the course when needed. 

Evening Rest & Recharge

We might be too busy to notice the toll of our new reality during the day but as we slow down and wind down in the evenings, emotions tend to surface as we feel the depth of our collective exhaustion at times and that is ok. It is ok to feel tired and drained, it is ok to feel sad sometimes, and it is ok to feel lonely. There is a time to feel and there is a time to heal… Not all evenings are the same, some evenings call for a juicy candle-lit CBD Flower Bath ritual complete with a gentle guided meditation to let go of all tension, relax, and rejuvenate, while other evenings call for a gentle CBD-infused self-massage to release muscle tension and aches. Gentleness is key… 

Before sleep, I like to light a candle, say a prayer for all, and envision us emerging from this experience kinder, more compassionate, and a whole of a lot more inspired about living. This is by far my most favorite ritual of all.

Rituals are ancient and powerful containers that have supported humanity throughout history with powerful spiritual, cleansing, and wellness rituals, especially in challenging times. 

Living a healthy and inspired life begins with moments of awareness; rituals provide us the opportunity to take a pause, bring presence into our day, and practice mindfulness all of which have been scientifically proven to support our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. 

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